Round Midnight

It begins to tell at midnight
Round midnight
I do pretty well, till after sundown
Supper time I’m feeling sad
But it really gets bad
Round Midnight

Memories always start, Round Midnight
Round midnight
Haven’t got the heart to stand those memries
When my heart is still with you
And old midnight knows it too

When some quarrel we’ve had needs mending
Does that mean that our love is ending
Darling I need you,
Lately, I find
You’re out of my arms, and I’m out of my mind

Let our love take wing some midnight, round midnight
Let the angels sing of your returning
Let our love be safe and sound,
When midnight comes around


A pale and lovely moon lights the sky in the dark before the dawn
I sit here in my room
How I sigh, for the day that’s come and gone
Another lonely day passes by, and a new days coming on
At midnight

Tears I’ve shed today will pause waiting until tomorrow
Dreams of what could be, comes close to me – timidly

There’s a brand new day in sight
At that time round midnight

Life’s a game of chance, and you’re one of the minor players
Look for what you love
The day to come, harbor some
Let your spirit stop the fight
At that time round midnight

Everydays gonna bring some sadness
Everydays gonna bring some gladness
So take what you can of the glad times
Don’t measure, you pleasure, in nickels and dimes

You better look back on today
And you’ll know when you’ve been unhappy
Fears gone chased away, just might at night, have the day
Let your eyes put out their light
At that time, round midnight

I’ll think no more about today
For in a while, this old day will be yesterday
Alone at midnight here, in my room,
I sit here in the gloom
And let my dreams, take flight,
Round ‘bout midnight