When Pat Was A Pup
By Doris Jean Davis

Beginning input date August 21, 2001

These are the notes that I started making November 1994. There is no telling where my thoughts will go. As the Sibyl said, those with chase hearts should tread lightly. Again from the Claudian era, I will tell all as it comes to mind “let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out”.

Starting writing notes, November 1994

As the saying goes, “I began as a po’ black child.” But when did I begin, who did I come from? Thomas or Davis, and on what date?

And now I’m fifty-five. I never thought I’d be as old as I remember my grandmother being as old as. What a way to start an autobiography - with age. But that what life is all about and leads to -age and memories.

I just cleaned out my hair brush. The hair I took out looked like the hair in my grandmothers brush that I kept after she passed - gray mixed with brown or black. The used to call me “little red” when I was a very young child-I wasn’t even going to school then.

Living in Louisville, Kentucky -around Walnut street - three theaters - the Lyric & across the street the Grand, the other (Strand) down by the “Top Hat” night club , Rivers joint - the hamburger stand that had the best hamburgers - “Burkhart’s” tavern where I was sent to get small tin buckets of beer, the smell of beans and wieners, the restaurants special. Minnie and grandpa Skinner - 7th Street - Ms. Porter, the big three or four story house - grapevines in the backyard - the cool dining room where I took my nap each day on a pallet on the floor -the big sliding wood door - The “Chili Parlor” good and greasy -Top Hat”, Rivers & Frankie - the Brown Derby” on 10th and Chestnut. The mysterious entrance hall, the great wood steps and banisters that led up to other floors. We lived in the back of the house - bed room, kitchen, funny I don’t remember a bathroom, toilet, tub or an outhouse, but we must have had something, surely.

I remember having sores on my legs. I still have the scars. I remember sulfa and molasses, can’t remember if they gave me a spoon to eat ever so often or what was put on my sores = but the sores had a black scab with yellow pus around it.

These are not my earliest memories. I remember events, people and building. Many images of them are going through my mind right now. I can barely write fast enough to keep up. I think this is enough for one night. I’ll get another type of book to write in.

The drugstore at 7th and Walnut - my feet were run over by a car there.

Ms. Helen & Junior. He had extra fingers on his hand. The lived on 7th street upstairs. I later stayed in their house after they moved.

House where I stayed and we sat on the curb each evening and told ghost stories - “Johnnie, I want my liver back.”

Continued-10th Street
Continued-Preston Street
Continued-Cabbage Patch
Continued-November 16, 1994
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